Nomination form for Publishers

How to fill the form?

Publisher are allowed to nominate multiple authors.
If a publisher would like to nominate an author in more than one category or would like to nominate more than one book or nominate more than one author – they must fill the details in the form and submit separate forms for us to collect all the required details.
Note: We recommend you to use google chrome browser to fill up the form. Kindly clear your browser cache before filling the form.

Hard copy of the book is not required at the time of nomination.


Eligibility Criteria

1. The author of the book should be a woman.
2. Works should be originally written in English.
3. Year of publication: The book must be published between ‘December, 2019 – November, 2020’.
4. Author Nationality – Author should be of ‘Indian origin’. Proof of Indian nationality will be required with each entry.
5. The nominated book should be available for sale in India.
6. Women authors who have a minimum of one book published can participate.


1. Forms to be submitted in English language only.
2. Entry submission through online mode only.
3. Last date for submission of entries is 4th December, 2020.
4. Multiple entries across categories can be submitted by a publisher.
5. The Awards Curator may call in any eligible novel for the consideration of the Jury, at his/her discretion on a confidential basis.
6. The Award will accept submissions/books from publishers located in any part of the globe but the book should be available for sale in India.
7. Self / friend nominated books will only be evaluated for Popular Choice Award.
8. Posthumous works will not be considered eligible for the Prize. Any issues of doubt in this regard will be resolved by the Curator.
9. Any discrepancies observed during the eligibility check may lead to disqualification.
– In any dispute about the rules, results or any matter relating to the conduct of the Prize, the decision of the Curator will be considered as final and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.
– The Curator in consultation with the jury, has the right to eliminate any book whose final version differs substantially from the version first submitted.
10. Acceptance of declaration is mandatory for submission of forms/entries.
11. For ‘Best Debut Author’ category, please nominate the Debut book of the Author.
12. For ‘Best Children’s Author’, authors who have written books catering to Children in the age group of 8 – 14 years can be nominated.
13. Publishers should not disclose their list of entries to any third parties, including the author(s) themselves.


I, hereby confirm that:
1. The author has minimum one book published in hard copy.
2. The author of the book is a woman.
3. The book is originally written in English language.
4. The book has been published within the period of ‘December 2019 – November, 2020’.
5. Country of origin of the author is India
6. The book has not been self-published or re-published.
7. In case of nomination for ‘Best Debut’ category, the Debut book of the author has been nominated.

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