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Important Information:

1. Voting is based on IP address. Only one vote will be registered per IP address / per link.
2. An individual can vote only once/per link.
3. Once an IP has been determined to have cast a vote, additional voting through the same IP will not be possible.
4. WIFI connections usually have the same IP address across devices. Therefore, we recommend voting using your mobile connection, once the WIFI IP address gets blocked/used.
5. If you find you have not voted, and the ‘vote’ button is not visible, please change your internet connection and refresh the page. This should resolve the issue.
6. In the event an author’s name is duplicate, votes under both entries will be added and considered.
7. If found to be using bots for voting, the entry will be disqualified.
8. Voting list is in random order and distributed across 3 pages to accommodate the quantity and to ensure the voting process remains smooth.